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Short story about «Orion Pro»: access control system without control

Once during a pentest on one of the hosts on WI-FI network I discovered a lot of open ports (XML-RPC).

MacOS local DNS

Sometimes you need to use DNS on non-standard port. MacOS does not allow do this. The following recipe helps to get around this restriction.

Burp Suite Pro 1.7.31 Loader & Keygen reverse engineering

One sleepless night I decided to inspect how Burp Suite Pro 1.7.31 Loader & Keygen written by surferxyz works.

GitHub commit log OSINT tool

I was thinking about passive information gathering from GitHub repositories. In addition to information from code of repositories there is a information about history of changes which can be of value to the attacker.

PHDays 8 Standoff

A few hours ago «Standoff» ended. This is CTF conducted on the PHDays forum.